Josh R. McDonald's current body of work explores themes of loneliness, mood, balance, structure and containment. 

He attempts to enhance the mind through lines and shapes. Through depth, shadow, light, and a limited color palette. Instructions inspired by early Modern art movements such as De Stijl and Neoplasticism. Both known for sticking to a rigid rhetoric, for limiting the use of color, and for painting in a particular set of angles. 

Nostalgia plays in as a reminder of both personal loss, and growth. He depicts architectural elements inspired by a past filled with the structure and landscape of an Oregon family farm. A setting frozen in classic decor, that balanced both nature and structure fairly equally. 

Josh manages to impart a certain mood to geometry. The symmetry involved in his work are used as a way to relieve his O.C.D. tendencies. Where his mind finds aid in the balance and rhythm of all things visual.